Dr. Branislav Matejic

Specialist Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon


Dr. Branislav Matejic is a German Board specialized Plastic Surgeon. Dr Matejic is a breast lift expert with over 26 years experience of surgeries mainly on European Models . Dr. Matejic has dedicated himself only entirely to the aesthetics and his work is minimalistic and very natural. He oppress bespoke treatments customized breast implants, fat transfer for Butt Lift and mommy makeovers.

Dr Matejic is a German Doctor combines the artistic and the scientific parts of plastic and aesthetic surgery, and relying on his broad range of expertise.He performs customized breast lift across Germany, Switzerland and other parts of Europe and Middle East. Most of his clients are models or working professionals who look for a one stop place for all their surgeries . 

Dr Matejic’s  minimal cutting techniques have been profiled on multiple Journels  and many media outlets.  He is happy to offer state-of- the-art surgeries and treatments globally.


Breast Lift

Tummy Tuck


Eyelid surgery

Face lift

Neck Lift


Butt Augmentation

Hand Surgery

Sweat Glands Removal

Botox & Fillers


Specialist general surgery- Heinrich Heine University of Medicine in Duesseldorf

Specialist in plastic and aesthetic from the RWTH University of Medicine in Aachen